Topic: Change LDAP default structure

Hello All,

Sorry for my bad English .

I wonder if you can use the administration interface iRedAdmin to another LDAP structure.

My domains and domain administrators are in the ldap tree (ou =Mail, dc=mycorp, dc=com) and mail users in (ou=Users,dc=mycorp,dc=com).

I changed the settings for postfix-ldap, roudcube, dovecot, amavisd ... but only the iRedAdmin management interface can not.

I intend to buy the version with support, but must be sure that it is possible.




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Re: Change LDAP default structure

You can test it with open source edition first, change LDAP related dn in settings.ini, usually, it should work as expected, but you should at least descript your ldap tree structure under ou=Users and ou=Mail.

For admin, it shoud be "mail=admin@domain.ltd,ou=Mail,dc=mycorp,dc=com", for mail user, it shoud be "mail=user@domain.ltd,ou=Users,domainName=domain.ltd,ou=Users,dc=mycorp,dc=com".


Re: Change LDAP default structure

I'll make further tests with a new structure ldap. thanks for the help