Topic: Disable SPAM Check on Local Net


I'm looking to disable SPAM checking for my local network. iRedMail 6.0 is installed in a cluster and 13 servers use the mail server as a relay. Mail sent by my local domain should be disabled because I receive monitoring email from nagios as a SPAM and they are tagged ***SPAM*** in the subject.

I've took a look in :

/etc/mail/spamassassin/local.cf -> whitelist_from_spf      *@mydomain.com (Doesn't work...)

iRedMail 6.0 (Fresh install) on Debian Lenny.

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Re: Disable SPAM Check on Local Net

Did you try this:

whitelist_from      *@mydomain.com

And, if you deploy iRedAdmin-Pro on both cluster nodes, you should purchase two licenses.


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