Topic: Mailman Integration doesn't work


Can someone guide me with the integration of mailman with iredmail.
The default procedure as instructed here (http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/mai … index.html) for integrating mailman with postfix doesn't work for iredmail as expected.
Looks like there is some catch and requires some specific setting for integrating with iredmail.

Please help..I have been hanging with this for almost 2 weeks without success.



Re: Mailman Integration doesn't work

Since iRedMail has builtin mail list support with OpenLDAP backend, so users have to integrate it manually.
Users who didn't get mailman work as expected can try this remote support service:
http://www.iredmail.org/support.html#ma … ntegration


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Re: Mailman Integration doesn't work

I got this working....
I was doing a silly mistake of keeping the host name of the server same as the virtual domain.
I changed my hostname to localhost.localdomain and things went smoothly.

Thanks for all your support.


Re: Mailman Integration doesn't work

is this in mm_cfg.py?
DEFAULT_URL_HOST   = localhost.localdomain
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = localhost.localdomain