Topic: BUG: Wrong url

Both files iredadmin/templates/default/ldap/user_profile.html and iredadmin/templates/default/ldap/alias_create.html seems to have wrong url for creating alias. It' points to create/maillist.


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Re: BUG: Wrong url

You're right. Fixed moment ago, Thanks for your feedback.

Since this is not a security or critical bug, i won't release a patch or a new release.


Re: BUG: Wrong url

When you are going to publish next release? Is it goint to have support for domain alias? BTW... Thanks for this fine piece of software.


Re: BUG: Wrong url

samuelvasy wrote:

Is it goint to have support for domain alias?

Which type of domain alias do you prefer? the postfixadmin style or Google Apps style?

PostfixAdmin style: mapping all accounts in alias domain to existing domain. For example, add domain 'alias.com' as an alias domain of existing domain 'example.com', mail to 'user@alias.com' will be delivered to 'user@example.com' automaticly.

Google Apps style: You can NOT add a alias domain directly, you have to add alias address for existing accounts manually. it's called Nickname address in Google Apps, and Shadow Address in iRedMail. for example, add 'user_shadow@example.com'  as shadow address of 'user@example.com', mails delivered to these two accounts will be delivered to same mailbox (user@example.com).


Re: BUG: Wrong url

Well, it depends....

Some times it's possibly, that client has many domains and want's that all email are delivered to one domain. But some clients may want to have few email address, let's say john.doe@example.com may want to have email joe@example.com.

I think that both of these are needed, but used in different situations.