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Topic: Debian + OpenVZ + iRedMail

I am using OpenVZ virtual environments to set up iredmail. http://code.google.com/p/iredmail/wiki/ … _on_Debian mentions I should alter /etc/fstab to make acl work.

I can't do that as suggested in case I use OpenVZ because there is no usual /etc/fstab available from within a VE. What do people do in this regard?

Well, I could make the change to /etc/fstab on the hardware node but that I don't want ...


Re: Debian + OpenVZ + iRedMail

We tested iRedMail on OpenVZ VPS very often, and it works without adding acl option in /etc/fstab.

Try it smile


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Re: Debian + OpenVZ + iRedMail

I started with a clean OpenVZ VE and installed http://iredmail.googlecode.com/files/iR … c1.tar.bz2 which worked fine i.e. no problems whatsoever (I opted for the MySQL variant instead of LDAP). I haven't toyed around much yet but all seems to work. However, at this stage, I still have a few questions:

so I didn't alter /etc/fstab because I use OpenVZ. What consequences does it have not mounting the filesystem with the ACL option?

http://code.google.com/p/iredmail/wiki/ … _on_Debian indicates I can install Mailman (something I need). With the current install however I am pretty sure the option to chose Mailman as an optional feature vanished?! I am right or not?

Bottom Line:
If, in additon to what's there already, I can use Mailman and PostgreSQL then I am sold ... totally ... smile


Re: Debian + OpenVZ + iRedMail

I have install iredmail in openvz.

yes ,it not have the file /etc/fstab so you do not need modify the file.

but remember ,you must run the command

mount -o remount,rw,acl /

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Re: Debian + OpenVZ + iRedMail

is issuing

mount -o remount,rw,acl /

a mandatory thing?

What will happen if I do not do it i.e. if I just install iRedMail within an OpenVZ VE without either touching /etc/fstab on the HN (Hardware Node) nor am I issuing mount -o remount,rw,acl / from within the VE (Virtual Environment)?


Re: Debian + OpenVZ + iRedMail

yes, is mandatory thing.

you can try it.  I install iredmail ldap in openvz, and found if I not run the command.

the ldap can not start and the mail server can not working.