Topic: 47th, Philippines, Diliman Preparatory School, mail.dps.edu.ph, 300+

Country: Philippines
State/City: Quezon City
Company: Diliman Preparatory School
Web Site: http://mail.dps.edu.ph
Backend (MySQL or OpenLDAP): MySQL
Total Users: 300+

Well basically here's the success story I tried considering alot of guides and tutorials on how to build a postfix - dovecot - mysql type of mail server, to my luck nothing seems to make it so easy. Then I saw iRedmail, IIRC I posted like some questions about this and that, typically I assumed that response time would take some time, since this is free, no one is actually paying the guys who developed iredmail etc. but guess what? zhang posted away right after so there.

Initially what I wanna do was to migrate an existing mail server running on qmail-toaster to a postfix type mailserver, so I asked and asked to this and that then poof, I ended up giving iredmail a try.

So far setting up iRedmail was a breeze, I got some problems with regards to the migration process it self, for the reasons that, I have no idea on how to actually restore everything from qmail-toaster to iredmail's (sent items, draft, inbox). To my surprise Zhang gave me this tip with regards to how to get things going and it really did the job!

ZhangHuangbin wrote:

lets say ill now migrate this said user to iredmail's format.
what should i do?

iRedMail uses maildir format by default.

Summary of migration:

* Copy user's whole Maildir/ directory to iRedMail server, make sure it's the correct path.
* Set correct owner/group and file permission recursively on Maildir/ directory:

# chown -R vmail:vmail /path/to/new/Maildir/
# chmod -R 0700 /path/to/new/Maildir/

* Log into webmail (or MUA, like thunderbird or whatever you like), check whether you can read the mails you copied in above steps.

That's all.

Maybe i missed something, please correct me.
It's great if you write down the whole migration steps and share it smile

Well that's it for me, thank you so much iRedmail team


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