Topic: using imapsync tool to sync between 2 mail servers - Date order issue

Apologies if this topic is strictly not iredmail's issue - however i am seeing the problem when using iredmail/roundcube webmail client so am posting it here.

i have an existing mail server which i am using imapsync tool to migrate from to my new iredmail mail server.

The sync is happening however when i check the mails in roundcube as it is syncing, i noticed the Order of emails in Inbox is not correct. let me explain:

1) before doing the imapsync, i sent my self couple of test mails to the NEW iredmail server to check if iredmail is working - indeed it was as i receive the mails.
2) i run the imapsync tool using command line options including the following:

--nosyncacls --subscribe --syncinternaldates
3) sync is happening as we speak between existing mail server and new iredmail server
4) when i login back into iredmail using roundcoube, i see all emails from existing mail server coming through BUT when i order it by date, the emails i sent in step 1) are in between mails being sync up. So some are in middle in terms of order even though the Date is 'Today at xx:xx" when i expected them to be at the first in order. Existing mails are ALL older than mails sent step 1) yet they are the first mails i see in roundcube - the mails headers also shows me the original date which are older than step 1) mails.

Of course, i have confirmed that the ordering of my inbox (by clicking on the Date tab) is not the reason.

again appreciate this is probably not iredmail's issue but more like imapsync tool but wondered if anyone has come across it

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Re: using imapsync tool to sync between 2 mail servers - Date order issue

Your original may not have the correct header details to sync dates. I would look at your origin mail headers.


Re: using imapsync tool to sync between 2 mail servers - Date order issue

Check the FAQ, there appears to be a mention of this exact issue with some possible solutions: http://www.linux-france.org/prj/imapsync/FAQ

The question header is:

Q. We have found that the sent time and date have been changed to the time at which the file was synchronised.