Topic: IRCd

I have setup unrealircd and anope services, i want it to send a mail when a nick is registered

what path should i use, i have ired installed

# SendMailPath <path> [REQUIRED]
# This is how we should call SendMail to send a mail. It must be
# called with all parameters needed to make it scan the mail input
# to find the mail recipient; consult your SendMail documentation.
# Postfix users must use the compatible sendmail utility provided
# with it; this one usually needs no parameters on the command line.
# Most sendmail applications (or replacements of it) require the -t
# option to be used.

SendMailPath "/usr/sbin/dovecot -t"


Re: IRCd

Try this:

SendMailPath "/usr/sbin/sendmail.postfix -t"

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