Topic: Virtual List Disapper (User)

When I press the virtual ist under the postfixadmin i found the error message as below:

Invalid query: Table 'vmail.quota' doesn't exist
Please check the documentation and website for more information.

I am useing postfix admin version 2.3 & iRedmail0.6.0

Please help. what should i do to make the virtual list back.



Re: Virtual List Disapper (User)

You have switched to MySQL-based Dovecot quota instead of file based one?! This is what usually `vmail`.`quota` table is used for.

If you didn't, check your Postfixadmin settings, I'm not sure why it expects a `quota` table...


Re: Virtual List Disapper (User)

Did you customize postfixadmin? in iRedMail, it doesn't require vmail.quota table. Per-user quota is defined in vmail.mailbox table.


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