Topic: Romania, Constanta, Intersat, 1000+

- Country: Romania
- State/City: Constanta
- Company: Intersat
- Web Site: www.intersat-telecom.ro
- Backend (MySQL or OpenLDAP): MySQL
- Total Users: 1000+

- Comment/Story/Migration tips:
Migrated from an old server (hardware & software) which had quite some problems. 1000+ users right now, 120+ domains.

The current setup is quite customized from a default iRedMail install, but I choosed iRedMail because it provided a very solid base to start with and I heard good things about it previously. The developers and users are very helpful and open-minded.

Thank you!


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Re: Romania, Constanta, Intersat, 1000+

Thanks for your sharing, maxie_ro. smile