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Topic: Relay problem


I've a problem.

My mailserver is in a DMZ with IP and the main domain is partena.com.

A website in the same DMZ ( uses this mailserver for sending mail with domaine partena.be.

In my log, I can see :

Aug 17 13:05:56 mailout postfix/smtpd[28095]: 
NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 
554 5.7.1 <crahier@partena.be>: Relay access denied; 
from=<crahier@partena.be> to=<crahier@partena.be> 
proto=ESMTP helo=<Listservb>

How can I authorize my mailserver to receive mail from this server with an other domain name?

Thanks for your help,



Re: Relay problem

I found a solution but I don't know if it's the good one.

In the file /etc/postfix/main.cf, I changed the line "mynetworks = " and added the address ...

It works now.