Topic: [Story] Brazil, Universal Internet of Things, https://uiot.org

- Country: Brazil
- State/City: Brasília, Distrito Federal
- Company: Universal Internet of Things (Open Source Project)
- Web Site: http://uiot.org
- Backend (OpenLDAP, MySQL, or PostgreSQL): OpenLDAP w/ LDAP(S)
- Manage mail accounts with (iRedAdmin-Pro, phpMyAdmin, phpLDAPadmin): iRedAdmin-Free & LDAP Explorer
- Total Users: 54
- Basic Hardware info (CPU/RAM/Storage): 7,0 GB RAM, 3 Cores, 10GB Uplink, 10TB HDD (Initial Scale)
- Comment/Story/Migration tips:

Okay, my name is Claudio, and this is my story about how i got using this fantastic screwdriver called iRedMail.

I'm not a Microsoft fan, but anyways. In the beginning of this year, the Open Source Project that i work needed an E-mail service. And we firstly tried the famous Microsoft Exchange with Microsoft Active Directory. Was a shame. So many tries, so many failures, bugs, we didn't ever managed to get it working. So much bureaucracy, omg.

After that we typed at google "Open Source E-mail Software". iRedMail was in top of the search list.

Okay, i need to clarify that i only managed to get iRedMail working after the third installation haha, three times i formatted the virtual machine at Microsoft Azure. So, holly f*ck.

But obviously, i never worked with LDAP and Mail Servers before, soo, i'm a shame i now. But wanna know? I love try to f*ck everything, kidding. I just love researching and learning new stuff.

Okay, LDAP "working" everything "working". Using the Sogoo, first week i assumed that Sogoo it's omg so beauty and nasty and good. But it's a crap. Guys please DON`T use SOGOO haha, my personally scenario shows that it's a hollfucked crap. That uses 100% of my CPU and 80% of my RAM, lmfao.

Switched to Roundcube without reinstalling iRedmail, so i managed to manually configure RoundCube, and integrate it to iRedMail modules. Was really fascinating how LDAP it's complex. Really, so much complex. Why not SQL? haha. But in our project we need use OpenLDAP for Machine Auth, so ok.

The "magic" of iRedMail it's how itself makes everything more easily. To manage, install, upgrade, and whoa. For everything.

I recommend totally for anyone to use it. Yes, for newbies it's hard, but for who loves IT, will be a big and great journey.

I wish the best for the iRedMail Developer (Zhang).

Observation.: As we're an open source project, we don't have money for iRedMail-Pro, but anyways, i will research manually how to do those things. Since iRedMail project have a fascinating API Documentation and Usage/Configuration Documentation.

One of the things that impresses me more, it's how the Developer spend the time on this. So many docs that help us a lot.

A nice day for everyone that is reading this.

Claudio Santoro
Fellow Researcher at University of Brasília
IF/IT Manager, Universal Internet of Things


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Re: [Story] Brazil, Universal Internet of Things, https://uiot.org

Thanks for sharing. smile