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Hello Everyone!

I've set up iRedmail with LDAP-Backend. Everything worked fine, but after the iRedAdmin Konfiguration (which worked, too, with LDAP-Login etc) the LDAP-Tree in the phpLdapAdmin disappeared and i got the message "This Base Entry does not exist. Create now?"

I searched for the Problem but got no Solution in the Config-Files of LDAP.

Therefore i deleted the complete Configuration of LDAP and tried to configure it again with the iRedmail Installation Files (Bash iRedmail.sh). I started an new Configuration in the Menu. After everything was set, i got the Message that all Installation-Parts were skipped (i guess because it was found as "installed"). The Problem is, that the LDAP is now unconfigured and i dont get an idea how to restore the configuration...

Can someone help?


Re: LDAP Reconfiguration

Is your LDAP Server is running?Kindly check whether ur LDAP is running or not


Re: LDAP Reconfiguration

There's a file which used to initialize your LDAP tree: /path/to/iRedMail-x.y.z/conf/ldap_init.ldif. It's generated during installation.


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Re: LDAP Reconfiguration

it does not matter if ldap is running at the moment, because i re-installed it because of the missing tree...

but at the point where the tree should have been there it was running...

thanks at ZhangHuangbin im trying that