Topic: [FAQ] Integrate MySQL in Amavisd

Hi, all.

There's a new FAQ tutorial available in our wiki:

- Integrate MySQL in Amavisd
  http://www.iredmail.org/wiki/index.php? … in.Amavisd

With MySQL integration, Amavisd can lookup per-user whitelist/blacklist and other policies from MySQL, and store incoming & outgoing email information in MySQL For example, mail size, sender/recipient, subject.

Enjoy. smile


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Re: [FAQ] Integrate MySQL in Amavisd

It says on that page "This is achieved and enabled in iRedMail-0.7.0 and later versions"


When would be 0.7 come out?
Would there be any interface for releasing quarantined messages?


Re: [FAQ] Integrate MySQL in Amavisd

0.7.0 is scheduled to be released in about 4-6 months, will also try to achieve quarantining message.
It would be great if you can share us quarantining related tutorials/links/doc. smile


Re: [FAQ] Integrate MySQL in Amavisd

Here's a simple tutorial for quarantining messages with Amavisd:
http://www.iredmail.org/wiki/index.php? … g.Messages

You can try it, if no problems, i will consider achieve it in iRedMail-0.7.0, and improve iRedAdmin-Pro to achieve quarantining management.