Topic: iRedMail-0.6.1 released, with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS support.

Hi, all.

iRedMail-0.6.1 is now available for download, upgrade tutorial is ready too. Please tell us what you expect in next release, iRedMail-0.7.0.

Highlights in 0.6.1:

  • Supports Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. 10.04 is recommended version if you want to deploy iRedMail on Ubuntu.

  • Catch-all account support in MySQL backend.

  • Run iRedAdmin & iRedAPD as a low privilege user.

Useful links:


  • We hope iRedMail users can donate us to make iRedMail continue exist and keep active.



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Re: iRedMail-0.6.1 released, with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS support.

Hello, planned to use iredmail dovecot 2.0?


Re: iRedMail-0.6.1 released, with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS support.

It depends on the yum/apt/ports tree of linux/bsd repositories.
Dovecot-2.0 was released days ago, it's really cool with dsync and director.


Re: iRedMail-0.6.1 released, with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS support.

I have downloaded it. Try to use iredmail dovecot 2.0.

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Re: iRedMail-0.6.1 released, with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS support.

Although not required for upgrading from 0.6.0 to 0.6.1, I have decided to upgrade my Ubuntu, too, from 9.10 to 10.04, this to have LTS version on my mail server.
The migration wasn't been without problem, so I'm here to describe necessary steps to all of you who wont do the same upgrade.
First of all I applied all the patches and performed upgrade steps to my 0.6.0 as described in the developer notes.
Than I updated and upgraded Ubuntu from 9.10 to 10.04 LTS paying attention during upgrade process to keep all the old configurations of all sensitive packets (the ones used by iRedMail).
When finished I had two major problems to solve: RoundCube unable to authenticate and Sieve plugin in Dovecot. Those are the solutions applied.

In the RoundCube DB config file (/usr/share/apache2/roundcubemail/config/db.inc.php) you have to change the MySQL connect mode (DB DSN) from MYSQLI to MYSQL.

The new version of Dovecot installed require an update in configuration of Sieve plugin that has changed.

In file /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf

- comment the line umask = 0077 that is no more necessary
- change ssl_disable = no to ssl = yes
- in the list of plugins listed in mail_plugins change 'cmusieve' in 'sieve'
- move sieve and sieve_storage from protocol managesieve to a plugin section renaming 'sieve_storage' in 'sieve_dir'.

That's all!