Topic: Unable to login to SOGo

I have installed version 0.9.7 on ubuntu 16.04, a clean VM with mariah 10.1 backend, using apache.

I have round cube, imap, smtp all working but when I go to login to SOGo, I get an incorrect user or password error. The 'users' view seems to be there, working fine and I turned on debugging on SOGo and I get this in the log:

Sep 10 08:51:44 sogod [2044]: |SOGo| starting method 'POST' on uri '/SOGo/connect'
2017-09-10 08:51:44.310 sogod[2044] MySQL4 connection established 0x0x3a526ed80
2017-09-10 08:51:44.311 sogod[2044] MySQL4 channel 0x0x3a55ffe60 opened (connection=0x0x3a526ed80,sogo)
2017-09-10 08:51:44.312 sogod[2044] <MySQL4Channel[0x0x3a55ffe60] connection=0x0x3a526ed80> SQL: SELECT c_password FROM users WHERE c_uid = 'rgarcia@bigheadtech.net';
2017-09-10 08:51:44.314 sogod[2044] <MySQL4Channel[0x0x3a55ffe60] connection=0x0x3a526ed80>   query has results, entering fetch-mode.
Sep 10 08:51:44 sogod [2044]: SOGoRootPage Login from '' for user 'xxxxxxx@xxxx.xxx' might not have worked - password policy: 65535  grace: -1  expire: -1  bound: 0
Sep 10 08:51:44 sogod [2044]: |SOGo| request took 0.011268 seconds to execute

I have gone over the data in the mariah server, gone through the configuration, and I don't see any issue. SOGo is getting the data, but it seems to not be matching the password.

This is the pertinent part of my SOGo config, redacted in parts:

SOGoUserSources = (
            type = sql;
            id = users;
            viewURL = "mysql://sogo:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:3306/sogo/users";
            canAuthenticate = YES;

            // The algorithm used for password encryption when changing
            // passwords without Password Policies enabled.
            // Possible values are: plain, crypt, md5-crypt, ssha, ssha512.
            userPasswordAlgorithm = ssha512;
            prependPasswordScheme = YES;

            // Use `vmail.mailbox` as per-domain address book.
            isAddressBook = YES;
            displayName = "Domain Address Book";
            SOGoEnableDomainBasedUID = YES;
            DomainFieldName = "domain";

        //    //
        //    // WARNING: all mail users can see/search ALL accounts.
        //    //
        //    displayName = "Global Address Book";
        //    type = sql;
        //    id = global_address_book;
        //    viewURL = "mysql://sogo:6kUM1sYJZpZvoXCfyc3NW05M4bc1Wd@db1.bighead.net:3306/sogo/users";
        //    canAuthenticate = NO;
        //    isAddressBook = YES;

Any help appreciated, I am evaluating replacing 2 mail servers into this one, an old Zarafa install and an OS X server install. All seems great until this.



Re: Unable to login to SOGo

Reset user password and try again.


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Re: Unable to login to SOGo

Hmm. Maybe I just needed some sleep after staying up most of the night working on finding and building a new server. ;-)