Topic: iRedOS 0.6.0 and iRedAPD


We have installed a mailserver with iRedOS 0.6.0. Now we are looking at iRedAPD, it looks like it is installed with iRedOS, but if we compare it to the installation manuals of iRedAPD, some parts are missing.
For example the installation guide mentions a file iredapd-rr in the directory /etc/init.d but this file is missing in our system.
Also in iRedAdminPro the following text is displayed in the blackist screen of a user:
"TIP You should install iRedAPD to make this feature work as expected. Install iRedAPD"

What is the status of our iRedAPD installation ? Do we need to (re-)install iRedAPD ?



Re: iRedOS 0.6.0 and iRedAPD

Did you see the head of wiki article:

NOTE: This installation guide is for iRedAPD-1.3.3.


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