Topic: How to backup emails ?

Hello !

I'm trying iRedMail, everything works, but I've a question :

How to backup emails ?

I'm affraid to lost all mails, so I want to make a daily backup of all emails stored in the mail folder.

I'm testing iRedMail on a virtual machine.

What I did :
1- Populate one mailbox with 5-6 emails.
2- Stop virtual machine and save it in a zip file.
3- Start virtual machine (the same as the backup in the zipfile) and populate again mailboxes with attachements, folders in mailboxes, good stuff smile
4- Copy by WinSCP of "/var/vmail" folder on my desktop hard drive.
5- Stop and delete virtual machine, and restore backup I've made before with zip.
6- Start virtual machine, delete "/var/vmail" folder, and copy my backup of this folder I've made instead.

Result : No mail in mailbox. Neither ones in the first backup...

I've made this "procedure" to see if backuppc could works to resolve my problem, but it seems that for the moment, my procedure can't works..

What should I do to be safe from crashes ?

Thanks smile


Re: How to backup emails ?

Please use the search option as there will be a likely possibility of this question or a similar one being asked before and answered correctly.

From the FAQ page,

http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic577- … abase.html