Topic: create new user alias as a non global admin

When a non-global admin user tries to add a user alias nothing is saved. On the the user profile page, I click on Aliases. The first problem is the absence of the domain name in the info box: "Email address of alias account must end with domain name(s): ." When logged in as global admin the domain name is listed on that line. Then, when the non-global admin fills out a email address and clicks Save changes, a "Profile updated success." message appears but the alias fields are blank. If there were any existing users, entered from a global admin, they get errased when the non-global admin saves the changes. However, when logged in as a global admin I can add users as expected.

iRedAdmin-Pro-1.3.0 with iRedMail-0.6.1 using Debian 5.0.6


Re: create new user alias as a non global admin

It's a bug, Thanks very much for your feedback.

You can fix it manually by following below steps:

1: Open controllers/ldap/user.py, Find below line:

                resultOfAvaDomainNames = connutils.getAvailableDomainNames(self.cur_domain)

Change it to:

resultOfAvaDomainNames = connutils.getAvailableDomainNames(domain=self.cur_domain)

2: Open libs/ldaplib/user.py, Find below line:

            resultOfAvaDomainNames = connutils.getAvailableDomainNames(self.domain)

Change it to:

resultOfAvaDomainNames = connutils.getAvailableDomainNames(domain=self.domain)

The root cause is, connutils.getAvailableDomainNames() has a decorator, it need a keywork parameter (either 'mail=xxx' or 'domain=xxx'), otherwise it will raise a permission denied error msg.


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