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hi zhang and forum

we run a proxmox mail gateway cluster that handles all incoming smtp traffic (spamfilter, virusfilter, black/white-lists, ..). behind we are running an iredmail server. we have a bunch of mail-hosting-customers connecting directly to the iredmail server via pop/imap/roundcube and we have internal servers that just send/relay their mails via smtp to the iredmail server.

my question is how to set up iredmain properly:
- turn greylisting completely off?
- turn virus/spam filtering completely off?
- outgoing mails are currently not going thru the proxmox mail gateway. we can not do this, as we host a lot of webapps where we simply do not know all sender-domains that are configured. but the mails from our webserver should not be filtered anyway (added to trusted network).
- points i missed?

i personally currently think i need to go this way: no greylisting and no filtering on iredmail server. the only problem i see there is mail-hosting-customer to mail-hosting-customer mails that do not go thru any filter. maybe i just try to relay only those domains via proxmox mail gateway. but no idea how...

thanx for any help and ideas


Re: iredmail behind proxmox mail gateway

If you know what features you need to turn off / on, you can find our documents to implement it (if you didn't find it, please ask):

I don't know your proxmox setup and mostly importantly i don't know what you need. I can show you how to turn greylisting off, turn spam/virus scanning off, etc, but you need to know what you really want first.


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