Topic: Problem with header


For sending mailing, we installed Listserv.

When I check my log my iRedMail, I can see this:

Passed BAD-HEADER, MYNETS LOCAL [] [] <owner-PARTENAFR*FOCUS*-RESEARCH**SKYNET*-BE@MAILING.PARTENA.BE> -> <FOCUS.RESEARCH@SKYNET.BE>, quarantine: badh-hGaVZj1HluSy, Message-ID: <20101207153559.C9DE81802A0@mailskynet.partena.be>, mail_id: hGaVZj1HluSy, Hits: -9.356, size: 4263, queued_as: 2B7F2180266, 216 ms: 1 Time(s)

What can I correct this problem?

Thanks for your help!



Re: Problem with header

quarantine: badh-hGaVZj1HluSy

Seems mail sent by "Listserv" wasn't generated correctly. 'badh-' means Bad mail Header.

If you can't improve Listserv, let Amavisd don't quarantine mails with bad head. Add this line in amavisd.conf:

$bad_header_quarantine_method = undef;

Restarting amavisd service is required.


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Re: Problem with header

Ok, many thanks for your fast answser, I go to try it!