Topic: Amavisd zip/rar scanning


I have installed and got working the following:

iRM 0.9.8
Centos 7

How to configure amavisd to scan attachments, especially archives for viruses, or executables like scripts etc.
I've configured postfix to do so, in log i see that it connect to amavis process, but it passes virus attachment anyway to mailbox.


Re: Amavisd zip/rar scanning

Ok, found out the issue.

Amavis delivers banned mail to user, even if i set them to be rejected.
Sender gets notification about banned mail, but it is still delivered to mailbox.

# Virus
$final_virus_destiny = D_BOUNCE;
$virus_quarantine_method = 'sql:';
$virus_quarantine_to = 'virus-quarantine';

# Banned
$final_banned_destiny = D_BOUNCE;
$banned_files_quarantine_method = undef;
$banned_quarantine_to = undef;

Virus message is not delivered, banned IS delivered . Why ?:)


Re: Amavisd zip/rar scanning

Default spam policy is stored in SQL table "amavisd.policy". Try to tune it there.


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Re: Amavisd zip/rar scanning

I have only one record in db:

Policy name is @.