Topic: Sending Bulk mail


I would like to use my mailserver to send bulk mail.

What are current the limitations ?

Are there adjustments i can do that this is only possible for 1 or more domains ?

Things i need to check ?

Do i need to send emails with a delay ?

what is the best practice to do this ? (So i look for advice)


Re: Sending Bulk mail

Kris01 wrote:

What are current the limitations ?

What do you mean "limitations"?


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Re: Sending Bulk mail

Is it wise to send 5 000 mails in 1 row ?

or 20 000 in 1 batch

I can do it, and i will see what the affects are ... but i would like to prepare myself.. (that is the reason i ask this question)

Are there base rules to avoid that my mailserver is blacklisted. etc.