Topic: 0.9.9 upgrade issue with dovecot changes

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iRedmail 0.9.8 being upgraded to 0.9.9
- downloadable installer starting with 0.9.4
- ubunutu 14 LTS
- mySQL
- nginx
- iRedmail-Pro

Well I did something wrong I'm sure.  On the last step it says to change the dovecot config to ;

LOWER(CONCAT(mailbox.storagebasedirectory, '/', mailbox.storagenode, '/', mailbox.maildir)) AS home, \
            CONCAT(mailbox.mailboxformat, ':~/', mailbox.mailboxfolder, '/') AS mail, \

and when I do that, it starts reading some new empty mailbox, no emails show up from dovecot.  Unable to see any of the old messages.  I change it back to the way it was and all the emails come back except any emails I sent while dovecot was changed, they go to the new mailbox I suppose.

in mySQL the field:
mailboxformat = maildir
mailboxfolder = Maildir

Any ideas what I messed up?

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Re: 0.9.9 upgrade issue with dovecot changes

in case it matters, the existing dovecot-mysql.conf file before the new commands.

driver = mysql
default_pass_scheme = CRYPT
connect = host= dbname=vmail user=vmail password=<blah>
# Required by 'doveadm mailbox ...'.
iterate_query = SELECT username AS user FROM mailbox
password_query = SELECT mailbox.password, mailbox.allow_nets \
        FROM mailbox,domain \
       WHERE mailbox.username='%u' \
             AND mailbox.`enable%Ls%Lc`=1 \
             AND mailbox.active=1 \
             AND mailbox.domain=domain.domain \
             AND domain.backupmx=0 \
             AND domain.active=1
user_query = SELECT \
    '%u' AS master_user, \
     CONCAT(mailbox.storagebasedirectory, '/', mailbox.storagenode, '/', mailbox.maildir) AS home, \
     CONCAT('*:bytes=', mailbox.quota*1048576) AS quota_rule \
FROM mailbox,domain \
WHERE mailbox.username='%u' \
    AND mailbox.domain='%d' \
    AND mailbox.`enable%Ls%Lc`=1 \
    AND mailbox.domain=domain.domain \
    AND domain.backupmx=0 \
    AND domain.active=1 \
    AND mailbox.active=1

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Re: 0.9.9 upgrade issue with dovecot changes

ah, it appears to have created a new Maildir inside the Maildir

so the location of the current directory:

/var/vmail/vmail1/highspeedlink.net/ncbackup/Maildir/cur  ; with the new command

and existing setup where all da mail is:


so I guess I don't need the last line?


Re: 0.9.9 upgrade issue with dovecot changes

I just changed the mailboxfolder field to have nothing in it, and for my setup that worked fine with the changes to the dovecot mysql config.

That should be fine right?


Re: 0.9.9 upgrade issue with dovecot changes

zhall_h wrote:

That should be fine right?



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