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Hello world.

Having been a customer of iRedMail for nearly a year now, I would like to share a few reflections.

One year ago we contacted iRedMail for assistance in setting up a new email server and migrating some thousand users to the new solution. It should be noted, that we had absolutely no prior experience or competence in running an email service, and we do not have a technical background. So, being basically illiterate, we were heavily dependent on the support of iRedMail and Zhang's willingness to assist. iRedMail has done the full job of setting up new servers, migrating all mailboxes (some thousands), creating back-up routines and setting up Roundcube (with additional development by third party). We have also engaged iRedMail to maintain and operate the mail service platform on a running basis.

We were extremely impressed from day 1, in particular within two areas:

1) Zhang's deep technical understanding, cross-platform and cross-technology, resulting in a quick and painless migration from a legacy email system to iRedMail platform with Roundcube front-end. The migration was our biggest fear when starting this project, but it was handled extremely well and with low negative impact for our users.

2) Superior customer service. Zhang has been pro-active, supporting, and always willing to assist on short notice. Despite our non-technical background, he has made the collaboration work and been an educator for us.

We would like to thank iRedMail and Zhang for the great work to date, and we have decided to launch one more email service using iRedMail. We also expect to migrate more email services to the iRedMail platform in the future.



Re: Full score!

Nice to hear the people are positive about iRedMail.

Also i my case i would like to say that i am very pleased to use iRedMail as a base of a good mail solution. The big difference with Havard en me is that i do have a technical background. I am a Software Engineer.

In my living area (The north of The Netherlands) i know a lot of people who like to use this services. So i provide them a mailing service by using this system as a base maling system. There for i made some extensions as a "easy-to-use" system, so these people can help themselfs.

Now that the system is growing its getting more complicated (weird logs, Spam, weird actions) and trying to gathering some extra information how systems works. Like what are the Core features of Postfix and Dovecot and how do they interact with each other and how does the iRedMail plugins interact with these Core systems. Therefor i asked some questions @ Zhang and he replied in a solution based and pro-active stand. This is very nice and helps to get a better understanding.

I would say, keep up the good work! This "iRedMail package" meets almost the high standard.