Topic: I can't send mail to Hotmail

I can receive mail from Hotmail, but I can't send any mail to hotmail, always give me the same error:

<destination@hotmail.com>: host mx1.hotmail.com[] said: 550 SC-001
    Unfortunately, messages from xxx.xx.xx.xxx weren't sent. Please contact
    your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block
    list. You can also refer your provider to
    http://mail.live.com/mail/troubleshooting.aspx#errors. (in reply to MAIL
    FROM command)

I have verified my IP, I'm not any black list, I have congigured reverse DNS,


Re: I can't send mail to Hotmail

Did you check the URL it returned? http://mail.live.com/mail/troubleshooting.aspx#errors

Also, is your IP address listed in other blacklist services? e.g. http://www.spamhaus.org/


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