Topic: iRedAPD-2.9 (Postfix policy server) has been released

Dear all,

iRedAPD-2.9 (Postfix policy server) has been released, this is a minor bug fix release.

Changes since iRedAPD-2.8:

  • Fixed: Not correctly update throttle tracking data in some case.

  • Fixed: It considers trusted clients as internal senders which is not right.

Upgrading is easy, just follow our short tutorial: https://docs.iredmail.org/upgrade.iredapd.html


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Re: iRedAPD-2.9 (Postfix policy server) has been released

I just discovered that you now have version  iRedAPD-3.0 available as a couple of weeks ago - if I had known it would have prevented a compromised account from sending 90,000 pieces of spam yesterday. I didn't know throttling was broken until it happened, and it was quite a scramble once I got my first notification that our IP was making it onto some RBLs. I did manage to flush an additional 30,000 mails that were still in the queue.

Do you have a mailing list that can let us know when something has been broken by one update (in this case throttling in 2.9) so that we can roll back to a working version, and when a fixed version is made available?



Re: iRedAPD-2.9 (Postfix policy server) has been released

iRedAPD-3.0 is not OFFICIALLY announced because we have some more fixes after i packed that one for testing purpose.
For announcements, you can subscribe to our forum RSS feed:

I will post all posts in this forum to mailing list in the future.