Topic: Postmaster authorization failure on web interface

The situation:
IRedMail just installed on CentOS7.
Postfix works (can to send mails out by command line).
Trying to login  https://my.domain.here/iredadmin as postmaster@my.domain.here

The problem: authorization failed (using browser on the wotkstation in the local net and the lynx browser on the same server).
access.log message: "INVALID CREDENTIALS"
I changed the password of postmaster@my.domain.here in vmail database according with docs:
This procedure was successful, but authorization failed again (after reboot etc.)

What have I done wrong?

Basic info
iRedMail 0.9.9., downloadable installer, CentOS7, MariaDB, Nginx, iRedAdmin

Thank you in advance,


Re: Postmaster authorization failure on web interface

The situation is, we can not help verify whether the password was correctly reset.
Please try to set a password like "{PLAIN}123456", the "{PLAIN}" prefix is required, then append the plain password.
This should be easier.


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