Topic: Switching storage location/volume? (Pre-sales question)

I saw in Pro panel demo that you can change disk storage location/path of a user’s mailbox. That got my wheels turning, and I’m curious if this use-case would be realistic:

We mount a block storage instance to our VPS at /var/mail1. Then when that volume is allocated to users, we modify iredmail config to start all new users in a second block storage instance at /var/mail2, then /var/mail3, etc.

Would that be manageable or would it screw something up/cause unexpected behavior?



Re: Switching storage location/volume? (Pre-sales question)

The maildir paths of each mailbox are stored in SQL database or LDAP, you're free to update the maildir path to use new storage.

Note: after updating SQL/LDAP, you still need to move the mailbox to correct new path (with command 'mv' or "rsync", etc) MANUALLY.


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