Topic: [1.0-beta1] Mail alias not working with LDAP backend


I did a fresh install of iRedMail 1.0-beta1 (with downloadable installer) on Debian Buster, and I can't make mail alias working (https://docs.iredmail.org/ldap.add.mail.alias.html).
When I receive an email on an alias email, Postfix logs say :

Recipient address rejected: Unknown user

If I try the given command :

postmap -v -q 'alias@yyy.zzz' ldap:/etc/postfix/ldap/virtual_alias_maps.cf

It works fine, it finds the mailForwardingAddress.

I didn't change any of the ldap maps, and I changed almost nothing in the generated postfix configuration (see the attached file).

Can you please help me ?

Thanks !


Re: [1.0-beta1] Mail alias not working with LDAP backend

Could you please export the full LDIF data of this mail alias account? I'd like to double check and make sure you didn't miss any required LDAP attribute/value.


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Re: [1.0-beta1] Mail alias not working with LDAP backend

Hi ZhangHuangbin,

Sorry for the late answer, I was pretty busy.

Here's the LDIF export :

version: 1

dn: mail=postmaster@xxx.yyy,ou=Aliases,domainName=xxx.yyy,o=domains,dc=aaa,dc=bbb
accountstatus: active
enabledservice: mail
enabledservice: deliver
mail: postmaster@xxx.yyy
mailforwardingaddress: postmaster@aaa.bbb
objectclass: mailAlias
objectclass: top