Topic: Creating Aliases using PHPLDAPADMIN.


Can anyone help me about creating email aliases using phpldapadmin.

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Re: Creating Aliases using PHPLDAPADMIN.

LDAP schema shipped in iRedMail-0.4.0 and prevous version don't have objectclass for mail alias, but you can use the current version:
http://iredmail.googlecode.com/svn/trun … ail.schema

It should work if you replace the old schema file by the new one, no extra migration steps required.

It has 'mailAlias' objectclass:

objectclass ( NAME 'mailAlias'
    DESC 'Mail Alias' SUP top STRUCTURAL
    MUST ( mail $ mailForwardingAddress )
    MAY ( enabledService $ accountStatus $ description $ cn ))

Example ldif:

dn: mail=all@a.cn,ou=Aliases,domainName=a.cn,o=domains,dc=iredmail,dc=org
objectClass: mailAlias
objectClass: top
mail: all@a.cn
accountStatus: active
mailForwardingAddress: user1@a.cn
mailForwardingAddress: user2@a.cn
mailForwardingAddress: user3@a.cn
mailForwardingAddress: user4@a.cn
description: mail alias for all users
enabledService: mail
enabledService: deliver
enabledService: forward