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Topic: Disabling all account but not some of them.

Is there any short way (coding, IredAdmin Pro, ...) to disable all accounts of a single domain (like 100K accounts) but keep some of them untouched (like 200 accounts)?
If not, can we prevent through IMAP/SMTP access?

Any idea is appreciated.


Re: Disabling all account but not some of them.

You can disable user with iRedAdmin-Pro RESTful API  (Check the "PUT" method, parameter "accountStatus" to enable/disable account):
https://docs.iredmail.org/iredadmin-pro … #mail-user

if you want to keep account active/enabled, just disable IMAP/SMTP services, use the parameter "removeService".
To disable IMAP access, send the HTTP PUT request to the iRedAdmin-Pro RESTful API with parameter:



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