Topic: Cheaper licenses for home users pls!!!!

I'd like to setup my own personal/family email domain on a VPS.
iReadMail seems to be a good quality candidate, but some of the important/useful features are only available in the paid versions, what are way too expensive for my scenario.

I would be ready to pay $10/month for a personal/family version.
It should give similar experience as the current paid versions, but could have limitations, like one domain only, and max number of mailboxes less then 50, no support, etc.

I assume this would be a win-win situation: more income to Your company, and more features to users similar to me.


Re: Cheaper licenses for home users pls!!!!

You should look into Mailinabox for family use. I believe it will give you everything you are looking for.


Re: Cheaper licenses for home users pls!!!!

We have no plan to offer such edition shortly, sorry. sad

For home users, i suppose there's no frequent changes required, so you can achieve the modifications by following our tutorials, once all is settle down, you may not need iRedAdmin-Pro at all:


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