Topic: iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL-4.3 has been released

Dear all,

iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL-4.3 (iRedAdmin-Pro for MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL backends) is now available for upgrading and purchasing. This is a small bug fix release, but this bug may affect other features and cause SQL data integrity, so we think it's necessary to release a new version as soon as possible.

How to download the latest iRedAdmin-Pro

If you deployed iRedMail server with the iRedMail Easy platform, there's a upgrade available for your server, upgrading the server will get you the latest iRedAdmin-Pro.

If you deployed iRedMail with the standalone iRedMail installer, you can get download link of this new release by following steps below:

  • Login to iRedAdmin-Pro as global admin

  • Click "License" on the top-right corner, it will show you basic license info and a "Download" button if new version is available for upgrading.

If above steps don't work for you, please send an email to support @ iredmail.org to get download link of the latest release.

Below are detailed changes since iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL-4.2:

  • Able to unban IP addresses (menu: "Activities -> Banned IP Addresses). Note: If your server was deployed with iRedMail Easy platform, this should be enabled by default. If deployed with the downloadable iRedMail installer, please follow our tutorial to configure Fail2ban to store banned IP in SQL database: https://docs.iredmail.org/fail2ban.sql.html

  • Able to manage alias addresses for mailing list account.

  • Failed login will be logged to syslog.

  • It now display last login time of both IMAP and POP3 logins.

Fixed issues
  • Not disable access to per-user or per-domain (Sent/Received Mails) activity pages if admin is disallowed to view the activities.

Updated translations.
  • New: Latvian (lv_LV). Thanks Juris BALANDIS (JurisBALANDIS@GitHub).

  • Triditional Chinese (zh_TW). Thanks WildfootW@GitHub.

  • Simplified Chinese (zh_CN).