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Topic: Question Postfix

Hello and Sorry Guys, i must ask something again.

What can I do, if the path https://my domain/postfixadmin/  is not working

Thanks for all reply.


Re: Question Postfix

Any related log in apache web server error log file?


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Re: Question Postfix

So I started the Installation of the Iredmail-0.6.1 again, choose MySQL instead of LDAP and after that postfix is running.

Could it be the right way?

And than I have a second problem, I apply a new user as admin about the webtool iredadmin and choose the language of german....
but now i get the error "internal server error". Can i change the Language again?

Thank you for your answer and time. Best regards.


Re: Question Postfix

are you saying you are trying to use iredadmin with MySQL backend instead of LDAP?