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Topic: [CLOSED] SoGo: Exception Error: NSInvalidArgumentException REASON

- iRedMail version (check /etc/iredmail-release): 1.3.1
- Deployed with iRedMail Easy or the downloadable installer? Installer
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Debian 10
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL): MySQL
- Web server (Apache or Nginx): Nginx
- Manage mail accounts with iRedAdmin-Pro? No
- [IMPORTANT] Related original log or error message is required if you're experiencing an issue.

Hey there,

I have some issues with my Sogo-4-Installation (nighty) running on a Debian 10 machine. I already reinstalled the nightly but the errors I receive in the sogo.log aren't disappearing:

2020-08-10 12:47:52.230 sogod[11590:11590] EXCEPTION: <NSException: 0x55da6e0d6400> NAME:NSInvalidArgumentException REASON:NSURL(instance) does not recognize queryComponents INFO:(null)
Aug 10 12:47:52 sogod [11590]: [ERROR] <0x0x55da6e1dec20[WOHttpAdaptor]> http server caught: <NSException: 0x55da6e4e3eb0> NAME:NSInvalidArgumentException REASON:_NSConcreteProcessInfo(instance) does not recognize fileDescriptorCount INFO:(null)
Aug 10 12:47:52 sogod [11590]: [ERROR] <0x0x55da6e1dec20[WOHttpAdaptor]> http server caught: (null)

Whenever I log in to the WUI I only receive a blank page. Also has the sync with my Android device stopped and I cant send or receive mails or change calender entries. I am using the default Nginx Webserver.

My sogo.conf is right now:

    //  - Official SOGo document: http://sogo.nu/support/index.html#/documentation
    //  - Mailing list: http://sogo.nu/support/index.html#/community

    // Daemon address and port
    WOPort =;

    // PID file
    //WOPidFile = /var/run/sogo/sogo.pid;

    // Log file
    //WOLogFile = /var/log/sogo/sogo.log;

    // Enable verbose logging. Reference:
    // http://www.sogo.nu/nc/support/faq/artic … -sogo.html
    //SOGoDebugRequests = YES;
    //SOGoEASDebugEnabled = YES;
    //ImapDebugEnabled = YES;
    //LDAPDebugEnabled = YES;
    //MySQL4DebugEnabled = YES;
    //PGDebugEnabled = YES;

    // Define the URL to online help for SOGo. When set, an additional icon
    // will appear near the logout button in SOGo's web interface. The URL
    // will always be open in a blank target.
    //SOGoHelpURL = '';

    // set the maximum allowed size for content being sent to SOGo, this can
    // also limit the file attachment size being uploaded to SOGo when
    // composing a mail.
    // The value is in kilobyte. Default is 0 or disabled (unlimit).
    WOMaxUploadSize = 15360;

    // Parameter used to set the maximum allowed email message size when
    // composing a mail.
    // The value is in kilobytes. By default, the value is 0, or disabled so
    // no limit will be set.
    SOGoMaximumMessageSizeLimit = 15360;

    // Performance Tuning
    // The amount of instances of SOGo that will be spawned to handle multiple
    // requests simultaneously. When started from the init script, that amount
    // is overriden by the `PREFORK=` setting in /etc/sysconfig/sogo or
    // /etc/default/sogo. A value of 3 is a reasonable default for low usage.
    // The maximum value depends on the CPU and IO power provided by your
    // machine: a value set too high will actually decrease performances under
    // high load.
    // You should have at least one child per EAS device configured to use
    // "push". You must also have more children than you have EAS devices
    // configured to use "push" - in order to handle normal SOGo requests to
    // its Web or DAV interfaces.
    // Defaults to 1 when unset, increase it if you see below error message in
    // sogo log file: 'No child available to handle incoming request'
    // WARNING:
    //      - on RHEL/CentOS, this setting is controlled by parameter
    //        'PREFORK=' defined in /etc/sysconfig/sogo.
    //      - on Debian/Ubuntu, this setting is controlled by parameter
    //        'PREFORK=' defined in /etc/default/sogo.
    WOWorkersCount = 10;

    // Parameter used to set the maximum amount of time, in seconds, SOGo will
    // wait before replying to a Ping command.
    // If not set, it defaults to 10 seconds.
    SOGoMaximumPingInterval = 3540;

    // Parameter used to set the maximum amount of time, in seconds, SOGo will
    // wait before replying to a Sync command.
    // If not set, it defaults to 30 seconds.
    SOGoMaximumSyncInterval = 3540;

    // Parameter used to set the maximum amount of time, in seconds, SOGo will
    // wait before doing an internal check for data changes (add, delete, and
    // update). This parameter must be lower than SOGoMaximumSyncInterval and
    // SOGoMaximumPingInterval.
    // If not set, it defaults to 10 seconds.
    SOGoInternalSyncInterval = 30;

    // Specifies the number of minutes after which a busy child process will be
    // killed by the parent process.
    // Defaults to 10 (minutes).
    WOWatchDogRequestTimeout = 61;

    // Overwrite the maximum number of items returned during a Sync operation.
    // Defaults to 0, which means no overwrite is performed.
    // Setting this parameter to a value greater than 512 will have unexpected
    // behaviour with various ActiveSync clients.
    //SOGoMaximumSyncWindowSize = 100;

    // Overwrite the maximum response size during a Sync operation.
    // The value is in kilobytes. Setting this to 512 means the response size
    // will be of 524288 bytes or less (or a bit greater if needed for syncing
    // one item). Note that if you set the value too low and a mail message
    // (or any other object like calendar events, tasks and contacts) surpasses
    // it, it will still be synced but only this item will be.
    // Defaults to 0, which means no overwrite is performed.
    // Say you have these five mails and you set the limit to 512KB:
    //  1.  250 KB
    //  2.  250 KB
    //  3.   25 KB
    //  4.  750 KB
    //  5.   10 KB
    // Sync iteration no. 1 will pick message 1, 2 and 3.
    // Sync iteration no. 2 will pick message 4.
    // Sync iteration no. 3 will pick message 5.
    SOGoMaximumSyncResponseSize = 2048;

    // The maximum amount of memory (in megabytes) that a child can use.
    // Reaching that value will force children processes to restart, in order
    // to preserve system memory.
    // Error message when it reaches the value:
    // "terminating app, vMem size limit (xxx MB) has been reached (currently xxx MB)"
    // Defaults to 384.
    SxVMemLimit = 500;

    // Enable XSRF (also known as CSRF) protection.
    SOGoXSRFValidationEnabled = YES;

    // IMAP connection pool.
    // Your performance will slightly increase, as you won't open a new
    // connection for every access to your IMAP server.
    // But you will get a lot of simultaneous open connections to your IMAP
    // server, so make sure he can handle them.
    // For debugging it is reasonable to turn pooling off.
    NGImap4DisableIMAP4Pooling = NO;

    SOGoProfileURL = "mysql://sogo:xx@";
    OCSFolderInfoURL = "mysql://sogo:xx@";
    OCSSessionsFolderURL = "mysql://sogo:x@";
    OCSEMailAlarmsFolderURL = "mysql://sogo:xx@";

    // With 3 parameters below, SOGo requires only 9 SQL tables in total
    // instead of creating 4 SQL tables for each user.
    OCSCacheFolderURL = "mysql://sogo:x@";
    OCSStoreURL = "mysql://sogo:x@";
    OCSAclURL = "mysql://sogo:x@";

    // Default language in the web interface
    SOGoLanguage = German;

    // Specify which module to show after login: Calendar, Mail, Contacts.
    SOGoLoginModule = Mail;

    // Must login with full email address
    SOGoForceExternalLoginWithEmail = YES;

    // Allow user to change full name and email address.
    SOGoMailCustomFromEnabled = NO;

    // IMAP server
    // Local connection is considered as secure by Dovecot, so 'imap://' is fine.
    // With remote IMAP server, use 'imaps://' instead;
    SOGoIMAPServer = "imap://";

    // Allow user to add other IMAP accounts that will be visible from the SOGo
    // Webmail interface.
    // Default is NO.
    SOGoMailAuxiliaryUserAccountsEnabled = YES;

    // SMTP server
    SOGoSMTPServer =;
    SOGoMailingMechanism = smtp;
    //SOGoSMTPAuthenticationType = PLAIN;

    // Enable managesieve service
    // WARNING: Sieve scripts generated by SOGo is not compatible with Roundcube
    //          webmail, don't use sieve service in both webmails, otherwise
    //          it will be messy.
    //          FYI: https://docs.iredmail.org/why.no.sieve. … .sogo.html
    //SOGoSieveServer = "sieve://";
    //SOGoSieveScriptsEnabled = YES;
    //SOGoVacationEnabled = YES;
    //SOGoForwardEnabled = YES;
    //SOGoSieveFolderEncoding = UTF-8;

    // Memcached
    SOGoMemcachedHost =;

    // Parameter used to set which usernames require administrative privileges
    // over all the users tables. For example, this could be used to post
    // events in the users calendar without requiring the user to configure
    // his/her ACLs. In this case you will need to specify those superuser's
    // usernames like this :
    // SOGoSuperUsernames = (<username1>[,<username2>, ...]);
    //SOGoSuperUsernames = ();

    SOGoTimeZone = "Europe/Berlin";

    SOGoFirstDayOfWeek = 1;

    SOGoRefreshViewCheck = every_5_minutes;
    SOGoMailReplyPlacement = below;

    // Disable gravatar
    SOGoExternalAvatarsEnabled = NO;
    SOGoGravatarEnabled = NO;

    // Control WebDAV access to the Calendar / Contacts collections.
    // This can be used to deny access to these resources from Thunderbird
    // Lightning for example.
    // Defaults to YES when unset.
    //SOGoCalendarDAVAccessEnabled = NO;
    //SOGoAddressBookDAVAccessEnabled = NO;

    // Allow users to share publicly (ie., requiring not authentication) their
    // calendars and address books.
    // Defaults to NO when unset.
    //SOGoEnablePublicAccess = YES;

    // Notifications
    // Enable email-based alarms on events and tasks.
    SOGoEnableEMailAlarms = YES;

    // Notify meeting participants
    SOGoAppointmentSendEMailNotifications = YES;

    // Notify if a calendar or an address book has been created.
    SOGoFoldersSendEMailNotifications = YES;

    // Notify involved users of a calendar or address book's ACLs.
    SOGoACLsSendEMailNotifications = YES;

    // Notify when a modification is being done to his/her own calendar by someone else.
    SOGoNotifyOnExternalModifications = YES;

    // NOTE: PostgreSQL cannot update view in iRedMail
    SOGoPasswordChangeEnabled = YES;

    // Authentication using SQL
    SOGoUserSources = (
            type = sql;
            id = users;
            viewURL = "mysql://sogo:x@";
            canAuthenticate = YES;

            // The algorithm used for password encryption when changing
            // passwords without Password Policies enabled.
            // Possible values are: plain, crypt, md5-crypt, ssha, ssha512.
            userPasswordAlgorithm = ssha512;
            prependPasswordScheme = YES;

            // Use `vmail.mailbox` as per-domain address book.
            isAddressBook = YES;
            displayName = "Domain Adressbuch";
            SOGoEnableDomainBasedUID = YES;
            DomainFieldName = "domain";

            // Listing of this LDAP source is only possible when performing a
            // search (respecting the SOGoSearchMinimumWordLength parameter)
            // or when explicitely typing a single dot.
            // Defaults to YES when unset.
            // WARNING: if you have many accounts in this address book, it may
            //          reach server-side query size limit, or cause
            //          performance issue.
            listRequiresDot = NO;

        //    displayName = "Globales Adressbuch";
        //    type = sql;
        //    id = global_address_book;
        //    viewURL = "mysql://sogo:xx@";
        //    canAuthenticate = NO;
        //    isAddressBook = YES;
        //    listRequiresDot = NO;
        //    SOGoEnableDomainBasedUID = YES;
        //    DomainFieldName = "domain";

        // Display mailing aliases in address book.
        // You need to create SQL view 'sogo.aliases' first.
        // For MySQL:
        //  CREATE VIEW sogo.aliases (c_uid, c_name, c_password, c_cn, mail, domain)
        //          AS SELECT address, name, '', name, address, domain
        //          FROM vmail.alias WHERE active=1;
        //    displayName = "Mailing Lists";
        //    type = sql;
        //    id = aliases;
        //    viewURL = "mysql://sogo:xx@";
        //    canAuthenticate = NO;
        //    isAddressBook = YES;
        //    listRequiresDot = NO;
        //    SOGoEnableDomainBasedUID = YES;
        //    DomainFieldName = "domain";

TBSync and the browser shows me 501 error after the login page of SoGo (I receive the login page and after putting in the credentials I receive only a blank page and the 501-error). The error log of Nginx shows nothing at all.

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks a lot.



Re: [CLOSED] SoGo: Exception Error: NSInvalidArgumentException REASON

I found out that the upgrade of the SOPE packages where not fully successfull.

After backing up the config and the db of the sogo installation, I purged the whole installation and made a reinstallation.

Sogo is working now again.