Topic: [Upgrade-NO-OFFICIAL] SOGo 4 Nigthly -> 5 Nigthly

Hello everyone, this is not official ! (if Support want to edit it for validation, do it !)
This is my upgrade process that works on my side ( Debian 9 Stretch ).
It is based on upgrade V2 -> V3.
My server was up to date, all packages updated, latest iredmail and iredadmin installed.
No errors on apt update. Running good.

First we make a Backup !

mkdir -p /root/sogo-backup/{sogo,sysconfig}
cp /etc/sogo/* /root/sogo-backup/sogo/
cp /etc/sysconfig/sogo /root/sogo-backup/sysconfig/

Next we remove Sogo configuration :

apt-get remove "libsope*" "sogo*"

Next we update the source list and replace "4" by "5" :

nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sogo-nightly.list
deb https://packages.inverse.ca/SOGo/nightly/5/debian/ stretch stretch

Now we install Logo in Version 5 ! :

apt-get install sogo

Answer : Yes package maintainer.

Now we can restore our configuration file and update permissions on log :

cp /root/sogo-backup/sogo/* /etc/sogo/
cp /root/sogo-backup/sysconfig/sogo /etc/sysconfig/
chown sogo:sogo /var/log/sogo/sogo.log

We finished by restarting the service.

service sogo restart


Re: [Upgrade-NO-OFFICIAL] SOGo 4 Nigthly -> 5 Nigthly

- No need to remove sogo packages first.
- Package "sogo-activesync" is required.


- Backup SOGo config files (/etc/sogo/) and SQL database "sogo" (with /var/vmail/backup/backup_*sql.sh and /var/vmail/backup/backup_sogo.sh) first.
- Just update /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sogo-night.list, then "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade". smile
- No SQL structure changes from v4 to v5.


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Re: [Upgrade-NO-OFFICIAL] SOGo 4 Nigthly -> 5 Nigthly

I just took a backup of /etc/sogo, the database "sogo" and replaced the "4" with a "5" in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sogo-nightly.list

apt update
apt upgrade

Done smile