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Topic: Editing Blacklist.

- iRedMail version (check /etc/iredmail-release): 1.3.1
- Deployed with iRedMail Easy or the downloadable installer?: Downloadable Installer
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version: Ubuntu 20.04
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL): MySQL
- Web server (Apache or Nginx): Nginx
- Manage mail accounts with iRedAdmin-Pro?: No
- [IMPORTANT] Related original log or error message is required if you're experiencing an issue.

Hi there guys, I'm trying to edit my blacklist which I access in /opt/iredapd/tools wblist_admin.py
If I do python3 wblist_admin.py --list --blacklist I can see the list of blocked domains, the thing is I added one by accident and one that was only for testing that I would like to remove now which I can't figure out how to do.

If anyone knows how to do to this I would really appreciate it as I have spent a few hours already looking at the documentation here https://docs.iredmail.org/amavisd.wblist.html and I still can't figure out to to remove the domains I want from the list. For your information, I have attached an image of the blacklist file with the domains in question in red.

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Re: Editing Blacklist.

If you run command  'python3 wblist_admin.py'     you already know, without parameters shows you help.

I suppose parameter  '--delete' is what you're looking for.


Re: Editing Blacklist.

FYI: https://docs.iredmail.org/manage.iredapd.html


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