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I played around with iRedMail 0.6.0-beta3 over the weekend.
All in all, it is a very easy to setup Mail server environment.
I tend to tweak stuff a lot, and I did with iRedMail as well.

I was looking at the forum for help with DomainKeys, and found the exact same problem several times here.
iRedMail not singing the mail with a DomainKey.
After looking around, I found out that iRedMail only uses DKIM, and not DomainKeys.
DKIM is working, but I was not able to get DomainKeys to work.
Tried it with dk-filter, but all I get in the log is:

Mar 15 11:31:58 mail dk-filter[22330]: C541F945B1: bad signature data
Mar 15 11:31:58 mail dk-filter[22330]: C541F945B1 SSL error:0407006A:rsa routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_1:block type is not 01; error:04067072:rsa routines:RSA_EAY_PUBLIC_D
ECRYPT:padding check failed

Maybe someone who has both, DKIM and DomainKeys running could share how he did it?

Following on, I now have a SPAM Learn IMAP folder, with the help of fetchmail.
For this I had to run 'spamd'.
Anybody knows if this will interfere in the future with iRedMail's setup?

Then I added some SA plugins, and had to install some Perl modules.
As a result, SA is now on version 3.3.
While testing, I found out that amavisd-new is no longer working with SA 3.3
You will get the following error:

Mar 15 11:50:48 mail amavis[31681]: (31681-01) (!!)SA failed: Can't locate object method "READ" via package "Amavis::IO::FileHandle" at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/Mail/SpamAssas
sin/Message.pm line 142, <GEN31> line 81. at (eval 102) line 420, <GEN31> line 81.

Reason for this is this:

- package Amavis::IO::FileHandle now supports a method READ (i.e. invoked
  by a perl functions sysread through a tied hash), which is needed by
  SpamAssassin revisions since 2008-09-25 (3.3), bringing a little speedup
  to transferring a message from amavisd to SpamAssassin, and avoiding a
  Perl I/O bug (perl bug 39060; SA: bug 5985) on some installations;

This is fixed in amavisd-new 2.6.2+.
Workaround is to edit '/usr/sbin/amavisd-new', and search for 'SA prepare'
Look at 'my($data_representation)' and change it from GLOB to ARRAY

my($data_representation) = 'ARRAY';  # pass data to SA as ARRAY or a GLOB

These are some of the things I discovered so far, I'm sure there will be more.
Please take this as a feedback for further releases.
I will try and share as much information as I can in working with iRedMail.



Re: Feedback, sharing knowledge, some minor questions

Thanks for your sharing. smile

May i know which distribution you using? and the version number?


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Re: Feedback, sharing knowledge, some minor questions

This is on Debian 5.0.4 (Lenny)


Re: Feedback, sharing knowledge, some minor questions

derchris wrote:

This is on Debian 5.0.4 (Lenny)

Same distribution same issue. Thanks a LOT!


Re: Feedback, sharing knowledge, some minor questions

I don't think we should be using Domain Keys, because, imho:
1. It's the precursor of DKIM, and thus obsolete compared to DKIM.
2. It's not an open technology.
3. It's non-standard.
4. If your messages are already signed with DKIM, Domain Keys will be quite ignored...