Topic: Bypass Spam check

I've really appreciaded the new sql quarantine feature in iRedAdmin-Pro but once enabled the spam check i start to have some troubles.
There is any method to bypass the spam checks for a specified network?

Let me explain better...

We are using our iRedMail server in a serverfarm with many services. Some of those servers don't support authentication and need to send mail with alerts and other messages that can be wrongly recognized as spam becouse those mail need to be sent with a sender domain that are hosted in the iRedMail server.
I've added the server farm network in my_network list in postfix to bypass sasl_auth but i can't bypass the spam check. Most of those mail are recognized as spam by the SPF check fail.
I've tryed to add to my_newtork also in amavis config and
I've also tryed to whitelist whole network without success....

Thanks in advance.