Topic: iRedAdmin-Pro-Ldap-1.4.0 problem

I have installed iredmail version 7 beta 2 on centos 5.5 everything that I have testing with that has worked great.  I was able to login to the iredadmin with no problem.  After installing iRedAdmin-Pro-Ldap-1.4.0 I now get an error wrong username or password when trying to login.  I have tried turning on the debug in the setting.ini but I have not been able to find any error logs.  the /var/log/httpd/error_log does not change at all when I try and log in.


Re: iRedAdmin-Pro-Ldap-1.4.0 problem

Do you have ldap related settings correctly set in iRedAdmin config settings.ini? please help verify them first.


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Re: iRedAdmin-Pro-Ldap-1.4.0 problem

That was it there was a typo on the basedn line.