Topic: iRedMail 1.4.0 (LDAP). Issues with catch-all & Admin tab

Hi Zhang,

We have a couple of issues with current setup of iRedAdmin 1.40 under LDAP.

1. Admins. We currently have more than 200 admins, assigned to one or more domains. When jogging in as Global admin and clicking on Admins tab I cannot go forward page 1 of the admins page. I always get the following

“Error: Page not found. (/admins/page/2) Go back.”

2. Catch-all option gives “Permission denied” when clicked. This happens regardless of the domain I cllick, it basically does not work,

Could you please look at it?



Re: iRedMail 1.4.0 (LDAP). Issues with catch-all & Admin tab

Hi, @landm.

iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-1.4.1 is available for upgrading, it's a bugfix release, and it fixes these two issues:
http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic1719 … asing.html

Thanks very much for your feedback. smile


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