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I was looking around for info on an IRC channel for iredmail ... neither google/yahoo nor a search on some notorious networks like e.g. freenode showed something. http://code.google.com/p/iredmail/ also, nothing ...

So, do we want some #iredmail channel? On freenode maybe I'd say. I won't storm ahead and do it ... rather the project owner or core developer should go for it. I wrote a bit of docu however to make it a piece of cake

http://sunoano.name/ws/public_xhtml/mis … rc_channel


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I regiested #iredmail on freenode before, but we don't have many users that time, so it's not used.


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Well, it's now ... by me (sunoano) and another mate I don't know yet smile


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Hey there, now that freenode is History, is there a new IRC channel that one can join? - would be awesome