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Topic: Outlook configuration not working

We have configured iredmail on our server as mail server. We created some email accounts on iredmail. These email are working fine on webmail and as well as on thunderbird. But when we tried to configure on outlook, this is not working working. We are getting "Something went wrong" issue. Need your help.

OS : Linux (Ubuntu)
Outlook : office365


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Re: Outlook configuration not working

*) Did you add mail account as normal IMAP account or Exchange ActiveSync account?
*) Any related error in Postfix/Dovecot log files on server?


Re: Outlook configuration not working

i know this problem.
it happens only in outlook 2016
you are probably trying to configure your account as activesync.
it wont work from outlook.
try this:
1.close outlook
2.go to control panel and choose "view by: small icons"
3.open "mail"
4.choose email accounts
5.choose new and then exchange activesync compatible service

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Re: Outlook configuration not working

Hello everyone,

can anybody help me please ?

I have installed iRedmail 1.5.0 fresh OS Ubuntu 20.
Everything works fine, except connecting to the server using Microsoft Outlook 2019 client.
After i add the account in Outlook, it is creating the profile and the server is sending the welcome message (i can see that via webmail) but after that is throwing the error with "Something went wrong ..." and simply does not want to connect.

With Thunderbird working just fine but i need Outlook because of my users.

Please help

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Re: Outlook configuration not working

Then you need to change the config, like smtp port, pop3 port, etc

* POP3 service: port 110 over TLS (recommended), or port 995 with SSL.
* IMAP service: port 143 over TLS (recommended), or port 993 with SSL.
* SMTP service: port 587 over TLS.
* CalDAV and CardDAV server addresses: https://<server>/SOGo/dav/<full email address>