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Topic: [SOLVED] iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-1.4.1 url hangs

New on iRedMail.
Just installed on CentOS, everything seems ok.
Then installed iredadmin pro 1.4, and after setting up everything, going to the https://ip_address/iredadmin/ hangs at the browser  with no output
Changed debug to true at the /var/www/iredadmin/settings.ini with no result
Nothing appears at /var/log/httpd
What could be wrong?



Re: [SOLVED] iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-1.4.1 url hangs

Do you also have package 'mod_python' installed? if so, removing it and restarting apache should fix it.


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Re: [SOLVED] iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP-1.4.1 url hangs

Yes, mod_python was installed, and removing it did the trick.