Topic: Heads up: SQL change is required with the new SOGo release (5.6.0)

Dear all,

SOGo v5.6.0 has been released[1] by SOGo team (Congratulations, and thanks to SOGo team big_smile ), with new features and a lot bug fixes. There's a change required by sysadmins as mentioned in SOGo document[2]:

"The session table (OCSSessionsFolderURL) must be dropped prior to restart sogod. This will allow users to use larger passwords (up to 2048 characters)."

Please follow steps below to apply this change after you upgraded SOGo packages:

- Stop sogo service.
- Login to SQL server, drop SQL table "sogo_sessions_folder" in "sogo" database.
- Start sogo service. SOGo will create the table (with new column size) automatically.

[1] SOGo v5.6.0 released: https://www.sogo.nu/news/2022/sogo-v560-released.html
[2] Upgrading SOGo: https://www.sogo.nu/files/docs/SOGoInst … _upgrading


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