Topic: Russian, Yakutia/Yakutsk, Helios-TV Ltd, 1000+ Users

- Country: Russian
- State/City: Yakutia/Yakutsk
- Company: Helios-TV Ltd
- Web Site: http://www.helios-tv.ru
- Backend (MySQL or OpenLDAP): OpenLDAP
- Total Users: +1000
- Comment/Story/Migration tips:
1000+ users right now, 5+ domains on CentOS 5.5 Guest Xen 512MB, 50Gb for mail storage.
Great solution. Thank you!


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Re: Russian, Yakutia/Yakutsk, Helios-TV Ltd, 1000+ Users

Thanks for your sharing, it's now public in stories page:

I saw you purchased iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP last year, do you manage mail accounts with it? Any comments/suggestions?