Topic: Sender depentent relay host - with auth

How do I set up a sender depentent relay host if the relay has SMTP AUTH?
I checked this article:


I use the MariaDB backend and I executed the queries in the docs.
However, it does not seems to pickup the credentials that I have configured in sasl_password.

As far as I can understand, I have to refer the credentials somehow in the database?

I found this:

But I think it does not really apply to iRedmail, since the sender_dependent_relayhost_maps is located in the database.

Am I wrong?


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Re: Sender depentent relay host - with auth

Hi again,

Ofcourse, the reason it failed was because I just was wrong.

MariaDB [vmail]> select * from sender_relayhost;         
| id | account             | relayhost               |  
|  1 | postmaster@domain.se | [relay.domain.email]:587

Then I realized that I just have to do as usual when routing emails via other providers.

[relay.domain.email]:587    relay@domain.se:password