Topic: [Feature Request] Top Quota list

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it would be very nice to see Top Quota list - accounts with the most filled quota, so we can see which account is full and then we can act accordingly.
Would that be possible?

Thank you very much!


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Re: [Feature Request] Top Quota list

With iRedAdmin-Pro, go to user list page, then click the "Quota" link on table header, it will sort by quota.


Re: [Feature Request] Top Quota list

Yes, I saw that per domain, but we would like to see it globally. To have a page that shows top quota list of all users for all domains.
This was we could check up full accounts and contact customers for extending quota limit (most of them don't react to automatic quota warnings).

Would that be possible?
Thank you!


Re: [Feature Request] Top Quota list

Technically it's possible.

As a temporary solution, you can work out a shell/perl/python/... script to get it working:

- query LDAP to get user's mailbox quota
- query "iredadmin.used_quota" SQL table to get currently used quota
- do some math and sort the result.