Topic: iRedMail username/password incorrect

iRedMail version 1.8 deployed with downloadable installer
Linux Ubuntu server 22.04 LTS
Web Server - Nginx
Mail accounts - LDAP

I have gone through the initial iRedMail installation. I received login details after installation completed. see below.

When trying to login to iRedAdmin error message says incorrect username/password. I can log into roundcube mail with the same credentials with no problem.

Hopefully there is a simple fix to this, if someone help with this, i would appreciate it very much.


details of post installation:

**Admin of domain mckiee@stipanewebservices.com:

    * Account: postmaster@mckiee@stipanewebservices.com
    * Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    You can login to iRedAdmin with this account, login name is full email address.

First mail user:
    * Username: postmaster@mckiee@stipanewebservices.com
    * Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    * SMTP/IMAP auth type: login
    * Connection security: STARTTLS or SSL/TLS

    You can login to webmail with this account, login name is full email address.

* Enabled services:  rsyslog postfix mysql nginx php8.1-fpm dovecot clamav-daemon amavis clamav-freshclam fail2ban cron nftables*



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